A lifestyle choice

The healthy Icelandic cuisine springs from a Nordic heritage of fresh and wholesome foods prepared in simple ways. With Europe’s longest lifespan, the people of Iceland mix a nutritional heritage of hardworking farm living with a vibrant active lifestyle. Skyr is a part of life from infancy onwards and is considered a national treasure!


Special qualities for special people

  • Life’s transitions put demands on our bodies that skyr can supplement.
  • Children - growth
  • Teens – healthy energetic snack
  • Active Adults – healthy recipes
  • Pregnancy – prenatal calcium and vitamins
  • Dieting – protein without fat
  • Senior lifestyle – countering osteoporosis

Skyr is a family treat that not only promotes health, but is scrumptious and served in a variety of appealing ways!

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Calcium-richness that you can see

After licking a spoonful of skyr you can watch as the little bit left slowly curls into flakes of concentrated calcium. You would never know it’s there given the gorgeous smooth taste. For an everyday treat that fits somewhere between ice-cream and yoghurt, skyr is a guilt-free pleasure loaded with riboflavin and protein!

The whole family will notice when you’re out of skyr!

Health Benefits

With next to no fat and exceptional levels of calcium and protein, skyr is an ideal food for active people and as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of skyr certainly contribute to Icelander’s being Europe´s longest-living people. Read the brochure

Skyr – for over a thousand years

Legend has it that the Vikings introduced Skyr to Iceland when they settled in the country some 1,100 years ago. Icelanders ever since have adored the velvety texture of this incredibly healthy dairy product, and today the love affair with this delicious food is stronger than ever.