Iceland's Best Kept Secret

Our Skyr is the only product made with Original Icelandic Skyr Cultures. But what does that really mean?

The art of making Skyr is especially noteworthy. Skyr is made from skimmed milk which is a naturally fat free milk product. When making Skyr a large amount of milk is used but about three to four times more milk is needed to produce one can of skyr than one can of yogurt.

We strive to stay close to Icelandic roots and traditions by using the Original Icelandic Skyr Cultures. The distinctive Skyr Cultures ensure the connection to Skyr‘s origin – that is Iceland. Making it the original and most delectable Skyr there is. That beeing said, the Skyr Cultures might just be Iceland‘s best kept secret.

About us

MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan) is a cooperative organisation that includes over 700 of Iceland’s family-run dairy farms and other milk producers across the country. We have over 450 employees in non-farm roles.

The mission of the company centres on milk production and the making of high-quality skyr, cheeses, butter, and other dairy products. We are proud to serve both our domestic and representing Iceland in export markets.

MS Iceland Dairies and the global environment

Iceland is one of Europe’s last pristine places. As citizens of a country very sensitive to global warming and the quality of our terrestrial and oceanic resources, we are committed to progressive green policies in our operations.

All our products are made using only 100% carbon-free electricity. This advantage exceeds the environmental counterbalance for the methane output inherent in local ruminant agriculture.

We are also advocates of the ethical and humane treatment of animals and our member farms are compliant with progressive Iceland standards for domestic livestock welfare.



Health Benefits

With next to no fat and exceptional levels of calcium and protein, skyr is an ideal food for active people and as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of skyr certainly contribute to Icelander’s being Europe´s longest-living people. Read the brochure

Skyr – for over a thousand years

Legend has it that the Vikings introduced Skyr to Iceland when they settled in the country some 1,100 years ago. Icelanders ever since have adored the velvety texture of this incredibly healthy dairy product, and today the love affair with this delicious food is stronger than ever.