A place of intense vitality

Nowhere else is like Iceland. As Europe’s last inhabited place, the first Nordic settlers found an island bigger than Ireland without an indigenous population. Centuries of grinding hardship have given way to Iceland having one of the world’s highest standards of living. With 100% literacy preserving the Iceland language, the country remains a fiercely independent and self-reliant land of healthy and proud people.

Iceland – An extraordinary place

In spite of Iceland’s far-north location, the temperatures are mild even in the winter. Relatively warm ocean currents from the western Atlantic flow northwards to Iceland, making our natural environment distinctly different than other near-arctic places.

The aurora borealis (northern lights) are nearly supernatural in intensity in the Icelandic night sky. Waterfalls are everywhere and the landscape has a breathtaking grandeur.

The Icelandic sense of time is greatly affected by summer days with 24 hours of light and the all-day dark through the mid-winter months. Nearly all towns and most large city suburbs have modern sports centres featuring outdoor geothermal swimming pools and hot-tubs along with indoor court-sports.

With a small population and a very high standard of living, Iceland is blessed with the resources to assure a quality life for its citizens.



What most people don’t know about Iceland!

The European discoverer of America, Leif Ericson (Leifur Eriksson, in Icelandic), was born in western Iceland! He was a real Icelandic Viking and pioneered settlements in Greenland as well as North America. (Oh, and we pronounce his name “Lay-fur Ey-ricks-sown”).

Iceland is larger than Ireland and about the size of Kentucky. The Eskimo peoples never came to Iceland and the first Europeans landed on an uninhabited land without a native population. After centuries of incredible hardship, Iceland now has one of the highest standards of living in the world and Icelanders live longer than any other European peoples!

Health Benefits

With next to no fat and exceptional levels of calcium and protein, skyr is an ideal food for active people and as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of skyr certainly contribute to Icelander’s being Europe´s longest-living people. Read the brochure

Skyr – for over a thousand years

Legend has it that the Vikings introduced Skyr to Iceland when they settled in the country some 1,100 years ago. Icelanders ever since have adored the velvety texture of this incredibly healthy dairy product, and today the love affair with this delicious food is stronger than ever.